MakethatMove Video App

MakethatMove – the Global Dance Video Hub iPhone app has just been approved by Apple. Keep up to date with the very latest videos using this app.
Download MakethatMove iPhone app
More updates coming very soon!

May 13th, 2012 / ASM News, Mobile Phone Apps, Portfolio

Going Completely Nuts!

ASM is delighted to announce that they are going completely nuts! Don’t worry it’s not a bad thing – we have just been asked by Go Coco Drinks to take over the management, upgrading and SEO of their website.
ASM look forward to working with this innovative company to develop their online presence over the coming months.

April 13th, 2012 / ASM News, Portfolio, SEO

How To Search For iPhone Apps

Two new search engines have popped up in the last couple of months to allow you to search for iPhone apps more easily and quickly.

Yahoo! App Search is a PC- and browser-based search product that allows you to search for iPhone apps as well as apps for the iPad and Android. Browse the apps listed in the directory by free, paid, or highest rated. You can also search by which type of phone you have – iPhone or Android. This is a nice search product, but limited.

AppSpot is another Yahoo! product and is weighted toward Android, but you can also search for iPhone and iPad apps through this mobile interface.

Unlike Yahoo! App Search, AppSpot can be downloaded for to your Android phone. It also seems to be more organized and thorough with listings for Android games and applications, movies, and books. Additionally, you can use the search feature to search for specific types of apps, including iPhone and iPad apps.

I think app search engines will get a lot better. This is just the beginning.

Whether you have a free iPhone app or your app is one that you charge for, you should do what you can to ensure that you get it listed in the search engines – and that includes app-specific search engines like AppSpot and Yahoo! App Search.

July 29th, 2011 / Mobile Phone Apps