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7 Blog Marketing Channels To Explore

Today businesses have a ton of content marketing channels, but not all of them are blogging platforms. I thought I would make a list of excellent blog marketing channels for the savvy business owner in Scotland. You don’t have to use them all, but you can use as many as you have time to manage.

Here are 7 blog marketing channels you can incorporate into your business any way you see fit.

  1. Blogger - Blogger.com is the original blogging platform. It’s still strong today and is a great way to have a blog for free. It hasn’t changed much over the years, but the benefits are pretty much the same. Publish your content and build a community for free.
  2. WordPress.com – Just like Blogger, WordPress has a free hosted blog platform. Personally, I think Blogger is better, but WordPress is a good adjunct to use for reputation management purposes.
  3. Your own domain – With WordPress’s free downloadable software, you can add a blog to your own website. This is the best way to blog if you can set it up yourself, or hire someone to do it for you (hint, hint). Either way, there’s no better way to build a community than with your own blog.
  4. Twitter – Called a microblogging platform, you can drive traffic to your web properties 140 characters at a time.
  5. Tumblr – Tumblr is the graphic blog. Some people refer to it as a cross between Blogger and Twitter. I guess that may be true. But throw in a little Pinterest you’ve got yourself a platform.
  6. StumbleUpon – If you don’t know what a Stumbleblog is, then you haven’t been to StumbleUpon. Discover great websites, save them to your blog, and comment on them.
  7. Quora - Quora is a great place to prove yourself an authority on any topic. One of the features this Q&A community is that you can have your own boards and post to them regularly.

With these 7 blogging channels, you can be a marketing powerhouse.

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