December 17th, 2011 / Blogging

Do Blog Categories Improve SEO?

There seems to be some confusion among bloggers and small business owners who start a blog about the purpose for categories and tags. Are they for SEO purposes? Will blog posts in multiple categories have better SEO opportunities?

The answer is, of course, no. Categories and tags do not improve your SEO. Not much, anyway.

If anything, they could be detrimental to your SEO if you don’t use them properly. Many online marketers will include a nofollow,noindex command in their robots.txt file for category and tags pages. That’s so they don’t get dinged for duplicate content.

You want your individual blog posts to rank in the search engines, not the categories and tags pages. Therefore, preventing the search engines from crawling your tags and categories could benefit you.

Putting your blog posts in multiple categories won’t benefit you.

Those categories and tags are for your readers, not the search engines. They are for easier organization of your content. That’s why it’s better to have fewer broad-based categories and many narrower-in-scope tags for your blog. That way, you can put each blog post in the right category and give them all multiple tags.

That’s the best way to use tags and categories for SEO and blog organization purposes. Try it.

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