February 9th, 2012 / Blogging

Keeping Your WordPress Blog Safe

If you want your company blog to work hard for you, then you’ve got to treat it right. That means performing routine maintenance on it to ensure that it is optimized well, free from hackers, and performs optimally in every way. Here are 4 things you should do on a regular basis to ensure your WordPress blog performs admirably and consistently.

  1. Back it up – You should back up your WordPress blog at least monthly. Weekly is better. There are plug-ins available now that will schedule your back ups and send them to you by e-mail or download them automatically to your server. There is no excuse for not backing up your WordPress blog on a regular basis.
  2. Update your software – I’m not one to say you should update to the latest version of WordPress every time a new one comes out, but you should keep it current. Don’t fall more than one version behind. The current WordPress version is 3.3.1. If you have anything earlier than 2.9, then it’s time to upgrade. Also, keep your themes up to date because some themes, especially premium themes, work best when updated regularly.
  3. Update your plug-ins – Plug-ins also need to be updated regularly. This is one instance where I’d say keep your plug-ins up to date. Most plug-in developers, particularly developers who support free plug-ins, will only support the most recent plug-in version.
  4. Diagnostics - Run a periodic diagnostic check on your website to ensure you don’t have any issues. Google Webmaster Tools provides checks that let you know if your website has been infected with malware.

If you take care of your WordPress blog, it will take care of you, perform admirably, and provide you with years of great content that brings you new traffic.

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