April 21st, 2012 / Blogging

Is Social Media Better Than Blogging?

USA Today has reported that only 37% of businesses in 2011 were blogging compared to 50% in 2010. So why are these companies abandoning their blogs?

The article says it’s because they believe that social media is easier to manage than a blog. Is it really?

It is easier to manage social media is all you consider is that you log in to your Facebook or Twitter account and make a post, but that’s not really making the most of your opportunities. With a blog, you have to manage the infrastructure of the blog site itself, manage the technology and software to make your blog posts, manage comments, and come up with a creative posting schedule. But the benefits to blogging far outweigh the benefits to social media.

Social media has a low conversion rate. Blogging can also have a low conversion rate, but you have a lot more control over the content and results than you may think.

You own your content on a blog. Facebook or Twitter can wipe away your content without notice. They could do away with their services – although not likely, it could happen. If you own the content and the real estate that content sits on, then you can preserve it.

Another benefit to blogging is search engine optimisation. Facebook has blocked Google so you won’t get any SEO juice from your posts there. Twitter is in bed with Bing, not Google. But your blog can and will be crawled by all the search engines and every blog post you post is another chance to rank for your important key terms.

You can build inbound links with your blog as well. Those inbound links serve as important guideposts for the search engines about the value and importance of your content – not to mention relevancy.

Managing a blog is hard, but the benefits far outweigh those of social media. I wouldn’t say you should abandon your social media profiles, but I would say you shouldn’t abandon your blog. If you have trouble coming up with ideas for your content, hire a blog manager.

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