July 11th, 2012 / Blogging

Why Isn’t Blogging More Popular?

An article at Marketing Pilgrim shows the difference between ad agencies and online marketers. But there are some stats being shown that make me raise some eyebrows.

In 2009, for instance, 37% of marketers and 59% of ad agencies used online advertising to promote their brands, 31% of marketers and 41% of ad agencies used video, 13% of marketers and 24% of ad agencies used mobile marketing, and 29% vs. 40% of marketers and ad agencies, respectively, relied on blog content development. By contrast, in 2012, those numbers broke down like so:

  • Online advertising: 74%, 66%; marketers, ad agencies
  • Video production: 43%, 48%; marketers, ad agencies
  • Mobile marketing: 43%, 34%; marketers, ad agencies
  • Blog content development: 28%, 39%; marketers, ad agencies

So here’s my question – Why is it that ad agencies and marketers both are using online advertising, mobile marketing, and video more today than in 2009, but neither of them are using blog marketing more today than in 2009? It’s almost like they’re both denying that SEO – and blog marketing is SEO – is important for online marketing.

I’d be curious to know how successful online advertising is for these marketers and agencies. I personally think they’d get more mileage out of a well-written blog, but I can understand the mobile marketing. Even as new as it is, there is still an effectiveness at the ground level.

Video marketing and mobile marketing are both in their infant stages. I’d be curious to see how these numbers change in the next 3-5 years.

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