April 17th, 2011 / Branding

Four Solid Marketing Platforms

WebProNews recently published an article that outlines the four platforms that every savvy marketer today should use to reach the right audience. These include:

  • Traditional media
  • Digital media
  • Your own media
  • And social media

Most companies understand three of those. Traditional media, of course, isn’t dead. You should still use it. Digital media is still young, but effective. And social media, well, it has its own manner and it too is effective, especially when used in conjunction with the other two. But what about being your own media? How does that work?

Essentially, what that means is you should think outside of your own business website. Don’t just throw up a website and forget about it. Add some sister sites to it that present your brand as a company that is fully engaged in the conversations of your industry. Don’t merely be a consumer of media services; be an owner of them.

Being an owner does two things for you. It gives you additional revenue channels, but more importantly, it gives your brand a much wider berth. If you own media within your industry, then you will become a leader within your industry that provides a place for others to publish their content and not merely wish they could do more.

Being a media owner is the best marketing tool you can have. Try it!

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