July 7th, 2011 / Branding

How Important Is Branding?

Mashable recently reported that Google will be rebranding two of its web properties in the near future. Those properties are Picasa and Blogger.

Supposedly, Blogger will be called Google Blogs and Picasa will be called Google Photos. I can understand changing the name of Picasa to Google Photos, but I’m not sure about changing Blogger to Google Blogs. What will be the benefit to customers?

As reported, the services themselves aren’t in for a change. That means that only the names will change. And it’s not just to protect the innocent.

This brings up the question for me, when it branding important? And when is rebranding important?

In a word, everything you do online is branding. Everything. From web design to iPhone apps development, it all involves some level of branding. It’s important, then, to think about the long range effects of your branding strategy. How will your brand look five or ten years from now?

Things change. We understand that. Even website designs change. Sometimes, those changes take place out of necessity as when a new technology has to be incorporated into the design framework. At other times, companies may just outgrow themselves. Those things are unforeseen.

However, it is important to think ahead when you first start building your online brand and consider how you want your brand to be perceived into the future. Do it now and it will be easier to make the changes you need to make later when circumstances dictate it.

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