January 26th, 2012 / Branding

Keeping An Eye On Pinterest

Are you keeping an eye on Pinterest? We are.

In the last month, it seems, this new social media site – which is heavily graphic, by the way – has increased its visitor count from 10 million to 17 million. That’s pretty impressive for a website that is still in private beta.

The only way you can get an account at Pinterest right now is to get an invite. You can request one on the site or have a friend invite you. Once approved, then you can have a Pinterest account.

So what is Pinterest?

It’s a social media website that let’s you “pin” content to your pinboard. And most of the content being pinned is very graphic. Not in a bad sense. I simply mean that if you visit the Pinterest home page, you’ll see a lot of photos. That’s a good thing.

Of course, what good is “pinning” information if you can’t organize it? Therein lies the beauty of Pinterest. You can pin anything you like and organize it according to your interests.

According to Pinterest guidelines, you can pin your own content, but you can’t use Pinterest simply for self-promotion. If you do it properly, that’s easy to do. Add content from sites other than your own. And you can have a branded account at Pinterest as well. Mashable has one.

Notice how Mashable’s page is branded with the Mashable name. The URL is pinterest.com/mashable/. Wouldn’t you like to have such an URL with your own brand name attached? How search engine optimised do you think that would be?

If you use Pinterest well, you can use it to organize information and resourceful web pages around your niche without ever linking to your own content. And you’ll still have a brandable web page that links back to your website in your profile. Add a pinboard to your web portfolio today.

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