June 20th, 2012 / Content Development

2 Characteristics Your Content MUST Have

Do you know what two uncommon characteristics your content absolutely MUST have? Do you think it’s search engine optimisation? How about an attractive web design? Or a strong call to action?

To be sure, your content should have all of those. But they aren’t essential characteristics of great content. Ugly websites can make money, you can promote your content through social media and still be profitable, and you can close sales without a strong call to action. Accidents happen. But your content, if it is to be effective, MUST HAVE the following two characteristics.

  • It must address the deepest needs of your target audience
  • And it must be unique

In other words, your content can be well optimised, but if it isn’t unique content, then all you’ll get is search engine rankings. Why repeat the same old tired cliches that your competition is repeating?

Your content can be good, but unless it addresses the deepest needs of your audience, then it won’t be effective in closing sales and helping people reach their goals.

Your content must commit itself to helping people solve their problems. But not just any and all people. You must identify a specific market you want to serve and write to that audience. That’s your market. Make your content unique and address the needs of your market. That’s how you make money online.

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