June 19th, 2012 / Content Development

Content Producers – Score!

The need for online content just keeps rising. We alluded to this a couple of days ago, but I may have left the impression that iPhone apps are the only form of content being consumed on tablets. That’s really not the case.

In fact, the most consumed type of content on tablets today is video content. More specifically, short-form news and entertainment.

And, here’s the beautiful truth of the moment – the one thing that tablet users use their tablets for the most is to access online content. Bingo. Score!

If you are in the content production business – and that includes any type of content – then tablet usage is the next technology wave to tackle. Not only is tablet usage on the increase, but it’s already penetrated 31% of the market and that’s expected to grow again in the next year.

So what are the most popular tablets? iPad 2 and Kindle Fire. The iOS platform has 52% of the market and Android 51% (some tablet users have more than one type).

If you are a content creator and you’re looking for another avenue for producing and distributing your content – whether it be videos, podcasts, e-books, a blog, a magazine, or a newspaper – then you’d better pay attention to what is happening in the tablet market. This could very well end up being more important than smart phones.

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