July 9th, 2012 / Content Development

Why ‘More Often’ Content Is Better

If I were to ask you, “How much gasoline in your automobile is the optimum amount,” you’d likely respond “a full tank.” Theoretically, if you could have 1 million gallons of gas in your tank, then it would be better to have 1 million gallons than 500 gallons. The reason is simple. You can go farther, faster.

The same content holds for online content. The more you have the better your marketing.

I’m not talking about mediocre content here. I’m talking about premium grade content. The kind of content you’d expect to publish on your website every day.

If you are prone to accepting low quality content (I hope not), then imagine 1 million pages of low quality content. That’s better than 1 page of low quality content, or even 500 pages of low quality content. But upgrade your content to mid-grade or high-grade. Same quality, different amount. Which is better, 1 million pages or 500 pages?

Quality is always preferable to quantity, but given that the quality is the same, you are much better off with more content rather than less. The reason is, you can go further in your marketing much faster.

Every page of content you create has the potential to rank for a certain number of keywords and phrases. If you perform your SEO correctly, then you increase your chances of getting more traffic with every content page you publish. That’s why more is better.

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