July 16th, 2012 / Content Development

Turn Your Business Into A Book

I like the way John Jantsch thinks. He’s encouraging people to write a book through their business and, frankly, I think it’s a novel idea (pun intended).

But how can you turn this idea into a reality for your Scotland business?

First, you need to develop a methodology. After all, that’s what John’s philosophy is based on. Your business needs a methodology. And that methodology needs to be something that is teachable, a system.

Once you have your system or process in place, then you can set about teaching it to others – through your business. But how do you do that? For starters, you can write a daily blog. Put your thoughts into a daily blog and that not only helps you solidify your process, but it also helps with your website’s SEO. Then share those blog posts through social media.

Start an e-mail newsletter. Put your best content into that newsletter. In order for people to get that best information, they have to sign up for your newsletter.

Next, offer an e-course or two. Market that e-course through your newsletter and your blog. Sell it for cheap. You want people to sign up, so make it affordable.

Over time, as you build and grow your business, you’ll be teaching people how to do what you do. It becomes an entrenched process in your mind and before you know it you actually have a book that you can publish that teaches people how to do what you do. It’s a great business model for any business.

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