August 20th, 2011 / E-mail Marketing

Is E-mail Marketing Still Effective?

You’d think that after twenty years or so e-mail marketing would have run its course. Not so. In fact, it’s just as effective today as it was in 1991. And many direct marketers would say it’s even better. In fact, I know I would.

For one thing, the technologies used today for e-mail marketing are ten times better than they were twenty years ago. Autoresponders are more powerful and flexible, e-mail design is much more attractive, and click-through rates are higher even though they were high back then. The total responsiveness of a good list is better than any other form of marketing.

Of course, you have to have a good product or service and an attractive offer. That helps.

But look at these five reasons you should try e-mail marketing today.

  1. Everyone has an e-mail address. Well, more than 90% of the people you run into on a daily basis.
  2. You can send out an e-mail blast to 10,000 people for about the same price as sending one out to 1,000 people.
  3. People will give you their permission to contact them.
  4. E-mails have a higher response rate than any other form of communication. And since you are sending out your messages to a warm list, it’s even better.
  5. E-mail marketers make more money.

Combine a good e-mail marketing campaign to effective SEO and a good web design and you have a powerful combination.

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