October 13th, 2011 / E-mail Marketing

PPC, Landing Pages, And E-mail Marketing

When you look back at the history of online marketing, e-mail marketing stands out as one of the most effective strategies long term. It was effective as early as 1990 and it’s still effective. But some of the tactics have changed over time.

The landing page, for instance, has changed. Today, you are as likely to see nothing more than an opt-in form and a small paragraph of text to sell the subscriber on giving up their information. More and more, you are seeing video sales pitches of 30 seconds or so. They’re very effective.

But how do you drive traffic to those landing pages?

One of the simplest and most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to e-mail subscriber list opt-in pages is to use pay-per-click advertising.

Your landing page should be established when you perform your basic web design. It should be attractive and sell the benefits of your subscriber list. Keep it simple and streamlined.

If you write well-optimized PPC ads that draw people in, then you’ll get traffic to your landing pages. Remember, it’s the landing page, not the PPC ad, that ultimately closes the sale. Make sure every piece of the content chain does its part. Don’t let them try to do another piece’s part. If you do, you’ll see fewer opt-ins.

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