May 2nd, 2011 / E-mail Marketing

Why An Opt-In Form Is Necessary

When it comes to website design, one of the most important elements to consider for your website is an opt-in form.

The opt-in form is for your subscription-based e-mail marketing. Since the early 1990s, e-mail marketing has been the most effective and most efficient form of online marketing available. If you conducted a poll of successful Internet marketing companies, you’d find that the majority of them are doing some kind of e-mail marketing. And it starts with that all-important opt-in form.

The opt-in form gives your site visitors the opportunity to request information from you. Every visitor who fills out the form is giving you permission to contact them in the future. That permission is very important.

Current spam laws require you to get that permission from subscribers. However, it only requires that you use a single opt-in process at a minimum. You should go the extra mile and seek out a double opt-in process. After your visitor has filled in the opt-in form requesting information from you, send them an e-mail with a link that must be clicked to confirm the opt-in. If the person clicks the link, they’ve given you permission to contact them twice.

An opt-in form on your website is one of the most essential web design elements. It makes your e-mail marketing much more efficient and much more effective.

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