May 13th, 2012 / iPhone Apps

How To Encourage Geolocation Marketing

More and more people these days are buying and using smartphones. You can use that to your advantage if you own a business in Scotland. Simply encourage those smartphone users to share your location with their friends.

It’s called geolocation and it exists in a number of ways.

Some social media services like Foursquare allow users to share their geolocation with their friends. Facebook also allows users to disclose their location with their friends when they make a post. Some iPhone apps do the same thing.

Mobile marketing has come a long way. If you own a bookstore in Scotland, or any other type of business, you can encourage your customers to give away your location using an iPhone geolocation app. Simply place QR codes around your store in visible locations and encourage your smartphone-using customers to share their geolocation with their friends. Then watch as new customers walk in your door every day.

Another way to encourage geolocation marketing by involving your customers is to hold an event. Make it a social event. Provide punch and cookies at the event. Then, display your QR code in prominent locations around the social area of your store and encourage your customers to share their geolocation using their favorite service.

A version of the above scenario includes developing your own iPhone app where customers can automatically notify their friends when they arrive at your store location. This would be an ideal way to promote all of your locations through one app. Hold an event like the social event suggested above and near the beginning of that event have everyone take out their iPhones and your app and share your geolocation at the same time. Call it a geolocation party.

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