March 28th, 2012 / iPhone Apps

iPhones and PPC

There’s more to the iPhone craze than app development, though app development certainly is remarkable. And profitable. In fact, it’s a lot more profitable if you can successfully promote your apps and drive up downloads. One of the ways that is possible is through PPC advertising.

So why would you spend money to entice people to download a free app?

Good question. So let me answer it.

Your iPhone app has the potential to keep your target market connected to your brand. If you develop an app that is useful, entertaining, informative, and practical, then people will use it. They could end up using it a lot. And that means they’ll see your brand all the time. There’s no better top-of-mind awareness than that.

A recent blog post on Marketing Pilgrim shows that mobile PPC is on the rise and is now responsible for 25% of PPC advertising. And this is just the beginning of the smartphone adventure.

Whilst tablet usage is popular, it’s still in its infancy stage. Most people have not even thought about using a tablet. And smartphones are just beginning to catch on.

So, what about ten years from now? By then we might very well live in a world where everyone has a smartphone, a tablet, or both. That’s why now is the perfect time to build your iPhone apps and start promoting them.

You don’t have to promote your iPhone apps through PPC, but there are some reasons for considering it. Think about your ROI. Mobile PPC ads are still cheap and if someone sees your ad on their smartphone they can download your app right then and there.

Convenience. It sells.

We could talk about promotions all day long, but the first step is to develop your app. Learn more about developing an iPhone app today.

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