June 2nd, 2012 / Local Search

Google Is Making Changes Again

Google can’t seem to go a day without making a tweak that shakes things up again. The latest change – or need I say changes? – is the integration of Google Local into Google+. And on top of that the search engine giant has removed the stars from its Google Local reviews.

This will undoubtedly change how users interact with Google Local. You’ll likely see fewer reviews on your Google Local page.

I agree with Mike Blumenthal. It simply illustrates that authorship is now the important element in your content publishing strategy. Make sure that you are using authorship markup on your pages and that you are claiming authorship across all of your properties. That will increase your personal reputation online and give your brand a boost.

With the integration of Google Local into Google+ it is now imperative that your local brand migrate to using Google+. Not just for SEO reasons either. But also for brand development and the opportunity to push out to a wider circle of online prospects.

I know what Google is up to. They want everyone to have a Google+ account. It is your Google+ account where things are going to start happening for savvy webmasters and if you don’t sign up for one, then you’ll be behind the curve ball where online marketing is concerned.

Want to know another recent change Google made? They’re doing away with Webmaster Tools and making it a part of Google Analytics. What do you say? Is that an improvement?

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