December 20th, 2011 / Local Search

Local Marketing And The iPhone

An article in Search Marketing Standard lists 4 out of 5 methods of marketing that are primarily iPhone or smartphone related.

According to the article, mobile marketing is the way to get your business moving in 2012. I agree. Here are two statistics you should know: 40% of Google mobile queries are local and 70% of smartphone users use their phones while shopping in store. That spells it out for you, doesn’t it?

Then there are the deals websites like Groupon. How many people do you know receive coupons on their cell phones? Almost everybody I know.

Location-based iPhone apps are more likely to share purchasing information with other mobile users. While a lot of attention of late has been focused on an Amazon app that lets shoppers compare prices while shopping in store and then to make a purchase if Amazon’s price is cheaper, I still think that many people prefer to shop locally. iPhone apps are a great opportunity to encourage local shopping.

Finally, localization is better – much better – with mobile marketing. If you operate a chain store, then you can increase your local marketing initiatives with mobile marketing and iPhone/smartphone apps.

This is clearly the age of mobile marketing. When you think about local marketing and mobile marketing, you can think of them as synonymous. They really are.

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