June 18th, 2012 / Local Search

Local SEO And Keyword Permutations

Local SEO can be a lot of fun. It’s really all about geo-targeting your content to your specific local geographic area and surrounding communities. But I’ve noticed that many small business owners, and their SEO consultants, like to use the same keyword variations and local geo-targeted city names multiple times by mixing up the order. Here’s an example of what I mean:

  • Ayrshire, Scotland business marketing
  • Ayrshire business marketing
  • Business marketing Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Business marketing Ayrshire
  • Marketing business Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Marketing business Ayrshire

Is all of that really necessary?

The idea is to use every variation of your keyword phrases that you can in hopes that you will rank for each variation. The problem is this kind of keyword generation can lead to some awkward phrases. Sometimes the keyword phrases are unintelligible depending on the niche.

I’d prefer to recommend to small business owners to pick a sensible variation of your keyword phrase and local geo-targeted term and pair them up so that you can use them naturally within your content. If you use a keyword that doesn’t make sense though it might help you rank better in the search engines, then you could lose the trust of your readership before you ever gain it. That certainly wouldn’t be good for your business.

This type of local SEO faux pas is easily preventable. Don’t lose sight of the end goal for a short term gain.

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