March 5th, 2012 / Local Search

The Importance Of Phone Numbers In Search

A local search study shows that people search for local business phone numbers, addresses, and hours of operation more than any other information about a business. This is an important concept for local Scotland businesses to grasp. Sooner rather than later.

I have actually heard of people conducting searches for phone numbers. But that’s another story.

Let’s say that someone in your neck of the woods knows your business name and wants to contact you. They Google your name. What happens if they don’t find any information on you? Better yet, what happens if they find your website or a social networking profile and your phone number or business address are not listed? Chance are, they’ll go to your competition.

That’s precisely what you don’t want to happen.

Since an overwhelming majority of local searchers want to find your phone number, address, and hours of operation, it makes sense that you do everything possible to ensure they find that information. That includes:

  • Claiming your Google Place page and keeping it up to date
  • Prominently displaying your phone number, business address, and hours of operation on your website
  • Submitting your business to local search directories like Yelp, CityPages, etc.
  • Building a Facebook brand page for your business and making sure you add your phone number, business address, and hours of operation on your brand page

That last point is vitally important. More people are actually searching the social networks for local business information. And 91% of the people who do use Facebook to do it.

Don’t be an enigma. Make your contact information front and center on the Web.

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