July 5th, 2012 / Online Marketing

5 Sources Of Instant Website Traffic

Website traffic is sometimes hard to come by. If you rely entirely on search engine optimization methods, it could be weeks or months before you start seeing traffic. What if you can’t wait that long? Here are 5 sources of instant website traffic I’d encourage you to pursue right now.

  1. Pay per click advertising – PPC isn’t cheap. You do have to pay for your clicks. However, you get the set the price of the click. Many niches these days are very competitive so you could end up paying well for those clicks. That is, unless you go with a smaller PPC search engine. Nevertheless, you could get instant traffic.
  2. Post a Craigslist ad – Craigslist not only can deliver traffic to your website within 24 hours of you posting an ad, but it’s free. There isn’t any better advertising anywhere in the world.
  3. Guest blogging – Write a blog post on a popular blog and you’ll see loads of traffic within a few minutes. Have something valuable to say and that traffic could turn into some real dollars.
  4. Video marketing – Post a video to YouTube and a few other popular video sharing sites and you can see instant, valuable traffic to your website.
  5. E-mail marketing – Send a short blast to your e-mail list. These are warm leads, people who have requested information from you in the past. Don’t squander the list. Use it for something that benefits you and send them to your website with an offer they can’t refuse.

If you’re looking for instant website traffic, try these 5 methods of getting it, some of which are free.

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