June 30th, 2012 / Online Marketing

More Google Integration With Google+ And YouTube

Google has been integrating all of its service under one umbrella, that umbrella being Google+. The latest integration involves YouTube, but this one is reportedly voluntary.

This is a tough call, however, because YouTube has not required users to use their real names. However, Google+ does require it. You can have a brand page, but brands can’t have a Google+ account. If you have a branded YouTube account, then you can use it – if you want to – as the person your Google+ account is attached to.

In other words, if your real name is Sam McGee and that’s the name your Google+ account is under, but your YouTube account is SMG358, then you can opt to sign into YouTube as Sam McGree. You can also opt not to.

This is important for brands because you may want to continue using your branded YouTube account under your brand name and there’s nothing in YouTube’s guidelines that say you can’t. But if you want to integrate your YouTube account with your Google+ account it will be more difficult to do. It’s a call that you’ll have to make on your own.

I think a case could be made for either way depending on the business and the brand. Some brands will benefit by keeping their YouTube and Google+ accounts separate. Others would do better to merge.

Think about your own situation before you make a decision. It’s not an easy one. But consider your options within the context of your overall marketing plan.

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