June 23rd, 2012 / Online Marketing

Why Guest Blogging Is Good,But It’s Not Your Saviour

Guest blogging is a really effective way to get new traffic to your website and build good anchor text links that can drive your website higher up in the search engine rankings. But I wouldn’t base my entire business model on it.

I recently had the privilege of discussing online marketing tactics with someone who told me that his business plan was to write guest blogs to drive traffic back to his landing pages on his website. I thought, OK, what else? That was it. Nothing else.

I’ll say it again. Guest blogging is good. But it’s not the only method of getting new traffic for your website.

Guest blogging is best used to supplement your other marketing efforts. You really want to put fresh content on your own website. You also want to drive traffic and build links using other methods of marketing.

Whenever someone tells me that their entire marketing plan is based on one strategy and nothing else, that tells me they haven’t thought it through clearly. What if that one method or source of traffic dries up? What will you do then?

No matter how good one marketing strategy is, it should never be your only way to market your product or service. Diversify your efforts and you’ll see great results.

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