June 17th, 2012 / Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Is Google+ An SEO Tool?

Google+ made a big splash last year when it became the fastest growing social network in history. Millions of people logged on within the first month. But then many of them abandoned the service right away. I’d say they made a mistake. I see those people slowly and gradually making their way back to Google+. Why?

I think it’s because Google+ is more than just a networking tool. It is a great social media networking site, but it also has its SEO benefits.

One benefit I’ve seen is the branding/reputation management benefit. The more you post, the higher your Google profile rises in the search engine. That’s pretty significant. If people are searching for you by name or brand, then you want your profile as high up in the search engines as possible. Google+ is a good way to put it there.

But Google+ brand pages also have their benefits. You can have a personal Google+ account and have a brand page for your business. Use your brand page to post important updates on your business and it’s brand name will also rise in the SERPs.

But let’s go one step further. What if you used your keywords inside of your Google+ updates? I’m not talking about spamming Google+. I’m just talking about using keywords in your Google+ posts. Do that often enough and those keywords could be associated with your name, business, or brand. It’s Google+ SEO.

I wouldn’t recommend using Google+ to spam the Internet. That could get your account suspended, then where would you be? What I am talking about is using it as a networking tool with SEO benefits. Pepper your posts lightly with keywords.

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