June 9th, 2012 / Online Marketing

Is Your iPhone App Useful?

I think mobile social media is about to explode. Twitter is making more money off of its mobile service than its web service. And Foursquare has remade itself into a “discovery engine.” So what’s next?

These might just be little signs of the Web going on about its business, but I think there’s more to it than that. I think mobile social media is on the brink of a new rise in popularity. And iPhone apps just might be in on the revolution.

Smartphone apps of all kinds, really.

If your company has developed an iPhone app or you are thinking about creating an iPhone app, then there is one thing you should ensure that you do and that you do well. You’ve got to make sure your app is useful to its users. Otherwise, your app will be discarded and no one will use it. And you’ll be stuck on the outside looking in.

It’s the same old adage. Online, the best way to build a growing business into a success is to be helpful. That was true in 1995, it was true in 2005, and it’s equally true today. It will be true ten years from, twenty years from now, and fifty years from now.

The mobile revolution is here. Social media via smartphones is here. If you want your customers to interact with your business in a meaningful way, create a useful iPhone app and see what happens.


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