July 15th, 2012 / Online Marketing

Keeping Up With The Internet

Sometimes, keeping up with the rapid changes going on all over the Internet can be taxing. Especially as a marketer. After all, you never know what news will hit your RSS feed and when.

For instance, did you know Digg – the big time social bookmarking website – was recently sold? In fact, the site was parted out like a used automobile. Patents, technology, people – they were all sold separately to different bidders. Makes you feel glad you’re not Digg, huh?

And Facebook keeps innovating, adding new features. As do Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Who will win the race to become the world’s most beloved social network? Rumor has it that Facebook has already won, but the company is being bombarded by lawsuits. And so is Google.

Speaking of Google, a class action lawsuit just settled and millions of AdWords users received checks in the mail. Some received as little as 9 cents while others took in thousands. The attorneys for the claimants were the big winners with millions in their pockets.

All of these news items will affect online marketers in some way. Maybe they’ll be small ways or maybe they’ll be major changes. Either way, you should spend a little time trying to keep up with Internet news. You never know how it will affect your online marketing efforts.

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