December 8th, 2011 / Online Marketing

The Future Of The Web

John Battelle, a veteran tech journalist and online entrepreneur, offers a brief glimpse at the future of the Internet. It’s interesting because he looks at the top 5 Internet companies of now and what they have to offer the Web of the next generation.

  1. Apple – Apple is the biggest of the five and is poised to lead the next generation into mobile computing like never before. Clearly the leader in mobile apps, Apple could dominate mobile marketing in the next 20-25 years. iPhone apps are the reason why.
  2. Microsoft – Microsoft is leading in the browser wars, but that lead is dwindling. If Microsoft is going to stay in the top five, I believe they will have to move their core products – the Microsoft Office suite – to the cloud.
  3. Google - Google leads in two key areas – search and online paid advertising. Thanks to Google, search engine optimisers all over the world have job security.
  4. Amazon – Easily the Web’s biggest e-commerce marketplace. But Amazon is poised to lead us deeper into cloud services as well.
  5. Facebook – Facebook has made the Web a much more social place. Can it make it even better?

The interesting thing about the next generation of the Web is how these core Internet services might integrate or evolve. Do you have any ideas?

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