April 6th, 2011 / Reputation Management

Amazon’s Reputation Management Strategy

Amazon is a company that has had a pretty solid business strategy right from the get-go. Because of that, the company has managed to snag an unsuspecting award: The most reputable company award.

The award is sponsored by Forbes Media and Reputation Institute. The criteria for judging were:

trust in companies and leaders rather than product brands, multiple stakeholders and their interactions, and building a connection between a company’s reputation strategy and its business strategy.

So if trust in companies and leaders trumps products and brands, what’s that say about reputation management? I think it says a lot.

First, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if your company’s leadership is always falling down in the public eye. Your leadership’s reputation is your company’s reputation. They are inseparable.

While small businesses don’t have stakeholders, you can have fans. They may or may not be steady customers, but if you have a social media presence, then your fans and followers will be watching your every move. How do you interact with them?

Thirdly, your business strategy and your reputation management strategy should be inextricably linked. If they are not, eventually one or the other will suffer. Maybe both.

Congratulations to Amazon for its strong leadership.

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