January 19th, 2012 / Reputation Management

Amazon Top Company In Customer Service

An interesting poll shows that Amazon is leading companies across the spectrum in customer service. Not just online companies. ALL companies.

This really isn’t surprising. Amazon has already put some of its brick and mortar competition out of business. But for an online company to win the best customer service award says something about online reputation and customer service more specifically.

A discussion of customer service online is not complete without talking about technology. It is very important to choose the best technology for meeting customer needs. That’s why Amazon is No. 1.

Amazon’s business revolves around fulfillment. If the company cannot meet customer expectations with regard to product delivery, then it’s out of business. Because Amazon has excelled at this from the beginning of its life, it has beat all other companies – online and off – on customer service. And you can too.

You might not win this specific competition, but your local Scotland business can be tops in online customer service with the right content management system, e-commerce solution, or customer relationship management software. Pick the right technology and you’ll be heads and shoulders above the competition.

Customer service really is a matter of owning and using the right technology. Meet your customers’ expectations and you can win a few awards too.

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