April 30th, 2012 / Reputation Management

Is Microsoft Edging In On Amazon?

It’s no secret that Amazon has built the world’s largest online e-book distribution outlet. But Barnes & Noble has a growing business model as well with its competing Nook. Now, B&N has partnered with Microsoft to form a new company that promises to offer the largest online department store a run for its money.

The company is called Newco and Microsoft has invested $300 million for 18% of the stakes. That’s a pretty sizable chunk.

I think the partnership has a lot of potential. Microsoft owns the second largest search engine Bing. Not content to sit in second place for anything, the company has been building strategic partnerships all over the place – with Facebook in search and several others. It’s latest joint venture with Barnes & Noble might prove to be lucrative for both parties.

This really means that Barnes & Noble is getting serious about competing with Amazon on e-books. And competition is a good thing.

But what does it really mean for small business owners? Considering how easy it is to publish an e-book these days, I think it’s a great opportunity for small business owners to increase their authority and reputations by authoring a book that you can distribute to your customers and potential customers. And Newco could become a part of your plan to make that happen.

So what’s that got to do with SEO? Nothing. Except that you’ll need to promote your book somehow. You could promote it through your company website and blog as well as build a separate website for your e-book and find ways to drive traffic to it using traditional SEO tactics. But the bottom line is, e-books are big business and they’re about to get bigger.

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