February 15th, 2012 / Reputation Management

Should You Publish An E-book?

If you are a Scotland-based business owner, you should consider writing and publishing an e-book. This is a new opportunity that business owners have to share their knowledge with their customers and to increase their own authority within their niches.

Before you write your e-book, however, start with a platform. Your platform is your medium for communicating with an audience.

A blog, for instance, is a platform. Your Twitter account, Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Google+, and all your social media accounts are your platform. You have the means of reaching countless people who will buy your e-book and potentially end up doing business with you as a result of your increased authority within your niche. It’s all up to you.

An e-book is a powerful tool because it allows you to expand your reach beyond your current platform. It also allows you to increase your reputation among your audience and drive new traffic to your website.

Another variation of the e-book as authority theme is the iPhone app. You can take an e-book and convert it to an iPhone app, which essentially does the same thing. You share your knowledge and experience with an audience while increasing your authority and driving traffic to your website.

In this digital age, Scotland small business owners need to think outside of the box where their businesses are concerned. Build a platform and launch an e-book or iPhone app. You’ll find a new audience and connect with the audience you already have.

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