October 10th, 2011 / Reputation Management

Would You Use Google+ On Your Blog?

Google+, in its short life, has taken on a level of popularity unknown before. Google+ is Google’s social network. Of course, many times before Google has tried to get into the social networking game and failed, but this time they seem to have succeeded in ways that they probably couldn’t even foresee.

But what if you were able to publish blog comments on your blog that connected to your commentators’ Google+ accounts. Would you?

Let me tell you why you should probably consider it – if it happens.

First, it would be an awesome reputation management tool for your commentators. By allowing commentators to link their comments to their Google+ IDs, you will do more to encourage comments than anything else you could do. And when you comment on other blogs, then you’ll increase your own reputation as well.

Google+ comments would also gain some extra traction in the search engine. Not that there’s any evidence of Google+ comments having great SEO value than anything else, but I think it’s quite possible that Google+ comments on your blog could very well give it an SEO boost in Google’s search engine. They are, after all, competing against Bing, who is in cahoots with Facebook to make their search engine more social.

Is it true? Right now, this is in the rumor category, but if it is true, then look for a Google+ blog comment system soon.

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