November 11th, 2011 / Search Engine Marketing

Google+, Blogger, And Your Ayrshire Business

Google+ is in a constant state of development. The latest development is an annotation in the SERPs that lets searchers know how many +1s a particular page of content has received locally.

In other words, if your business has received 100 +1s and 50 of those are from people in and around Ayrshire, Scotland, then when someone searches for information related to your business and your content appears in the search result, the searcher could very well see how many people in the same geographic vicinity has +1ed the content. So how does that help you?

It helps in a couple of ways. First, people are more likely to +1 content if they perceive it as already valuable. And if there are plenty of +1s, then it will be perceived as valuable.

But another way it can help your Ayrshire business is it serves as a useful metric for your local effectiveness.

Another development is Google is disclosing who shares content via Blogger. That could make Blogger a much more valuable platform for sharing and posting content.

Both of these developments indicate that Google is serious about making Google+ relevant. It could soon be much more valuable than people are giving it credit for being.

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