June 3rd, 2012 / Search Engine Marketing

Welcome To The New Bing

Bing has been working on a new version of its search engine for about a year now. On June 1 they announced that new search engine is now live.

The idea is real simple. They are connecting the search engine with your own social network. There are a couple of reasons why I think this is a significant development. First of all, let’s forget the fluff that Bing is selling about getting information from your friends. That’s just a sticky selling point. Here’s the reality.

Google is putting all of its gold into Google+. That’s the social network for the search engine giant. And it’s a major move toward integrating all of Google’s services including search. Until now, Bing has been nothing more than a search engine.

Instead of developing its own social networking, Bing has decided to partner with two of the most popular social networks – Facebook and Twitter. So your search results will include results from your social network on those two popular social media websites. That’s pretty huge.

You can learn more about the new Bing here.

Now for the big question: Does it work as well as it should?

You’ll have to check it out yourself to find out. I think for some queries it’s good and other’s it’s not so much. But let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. What if Bing can improve its search engine plus social networking feature to be at least as good as Google’s. What will that do for the web?

I think it’s entirely possible that we could have a set of Google loyalists and a set of Bing loyalists. The Bing loyalists will be active on Facebook. The Google loyalists will use Google+. The most effective marketers will use both. And should. Because to be really effective at reaching your target market, you have to go where that market is and put aside your own preferences.

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