April 25th, 2011 / Search Engine Marketing

Why 85% Of Your Budget Should Be SEM

If you’re like most website owners, then you’ve likely noticed that 85% of your website traffic is coming from the search engines – probably Google and Bing. Given that information, you’d get your best marketing bang for your buck if you allocate 85% of your budget toward search engine marketing activities and the rest of it to non-SEM activities.

Search engine marketing is typically defined as pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimisation, and content creation. Non-SEM is everything else (social media, display advertising, etc.).

So how do you get that 85/15 mix?

Let’s assume your online marketing budget is $1,000. That means $850 of that should go into content creation and SEO activities. One of the best uses of that money is often a blog. You can usually hire a ghostwriter to write your blog and still have money left over for other content activities. You can also purchase articles and other website content. You may even be able to squeeze some PPC into that.

Now what do you do with the other $150? For $150, you can often have a basic social media strategy and you could even have an iPhone app designed for you, but you might have to think outside the box on budgeting ($150 X 10 = 10 months of your budget, for instance).

If you are in doubt about how to spend your Internet marketing budget, consult with a professional and see where it leads you.

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