June 27th, 2012 / Search Engine Optimisation

3 Reasons To Use Blekko

In case you haven’t heard, Blekko is a search engine. It’s not as huge or as popular as Bing or Google, but it’s still a search engine. And as a search engine I’d say it has a lot of value. There are three reasons I can think of off the top of my head to use Blekko.

3 Reasons To Use Blekko, The Search Engine

  1. Backlink Data – Since Yahoo! killed its Site Explorer tool, webmasters have sought to find backlink data on their websites. Blekko has free data on your website and that includes a list of your backlinks.
  2. Discover Your Hosting Neighbors - Another bit of useful data Blekko has to offer is a list of websites that sit on the same server as yours. If you discover that any of those neighbors are spammers or that you are in a bad hosting neighborhood, then you can request that your website be moved to a new server or you can find another host.
  3. Search By Hashtag – Since both Google+ and Twitter are now supporting hashtags, it makes since to be able to search for information by hashtag. Blekko makes that possible.

To take advantage of some of this data you have to become a member of Blekko. Fortunately, it’s free to be a Blekko member. You can join by giving them your e-mail address or by signing on with your Facebook account.

Blekko is an awesome search engine that no webmaster should ignore. Get your SEO data for free.

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