January 11th, 2012 / Search Engine Optimisation

Google Is Changing The Game – Again

The Google Blog has posted an introduction to something it’s calling Search plus Your World. At first glance, it looks like it could kill SEO. But will it?

There are three aspects of Search plus Your World that make it a total change from the way search engine marketing has been done in the past. Let’s tackle them one by one.

  1. Personal Results - This is the part that will have a lot of SEOs crying. It will allow searchers the ability to search what is important to them within their own profiles and connections. From a searcher’s point of view, that’s not a bad thing.
  2. Profiles in Search - Right now, this aspect of Google’s search product isn’t very attractive simply because not nearly as many people are using Google+ as are using Facebook. When and if that ever changes, it could become much more important.
  3. People and Pages – The same problem exists here that exists for Profiles in Search. The usage for Google+ just isn’t there yet.

Note that searchers can turn the personal search off any time and search the Web just like they can now – without the personalized results. But will they? Probably not. And that could cause a problem for search engine optimisers.

But I don’t think it will. I think what will happen is Internet marketers will get better at promoting their content socially. The ones who don’t won’t survive.

There’s just one drawback: Content promoters will likely get pretty good at delivering social spam. If Google can kill that, then the Web will be a better place for all of us.

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