June 29th, 2012 / Search Engine Optimisation

Is It SEO Or Cutting Cookies?

If you were doing any amount of SEO or Internet marketing ten years ago, then you know it was fairly easy. All you really had to do was make sure you used your keywords in your content enough times, and in the right places, and add your metatags and you were as good as gold. Cookie-cutter SEO was the norm.

Over time, the search engines grew more savvy and were able to filter out the spam – which, by the way, is an ongoing struggle. You’d be hard pressed to find a search engine today that looks at the keywords metatag. The reason is pretty simple. It’s been gamed so many times by spammers that it’s become all but useless.

Then, last year, Google unleashed an update called Panda. Panda was targeted at content farms. Google essentially said that cookie-cutter content across multiple pages on the same website was a deal killer. Now, you won’t find many webmasters using that approach.

If content is king and content is SEO, then the old mantra to make your content original and unique also applies to SEO. In fact, I’d say that’s always been the case. But it’s much more the case now.

SEO doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. In fact, it should be just as unique as your content. Every website is different and has different needs. Think about that as you try to focus on improving your search engine rankings.

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