July 8th, 2012 / Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Research: Data Or List?

Most companies doing business on the Web and who are interested in SEO come to the table with at least a list of keywords they think are important to their businesses. But have those lists been tested? Are you sure your list is a good list?

The big question on keyword research is, How important is that list of yours? Is it more important to stick to your list unwaveringly or go strictly on the data?

I think most SEOs will tell you to do your keyword research and let the chips fall. Accept the data and go with it. Nevermind your list. Naturally, I think keyword research is important and must be done. I wouldn’t say keep your list and live by it religiously.

There are times when you want to ditch the intuitive keyword – the one you think is the best keyword – and go instead with the profitable one based on the research. Then there are times when you’ll want to go with your keyword instead of the one suggested by the research. But when are those times?

In the first case, you should go with the keyword that the research suggests when your two keywords are synonymous terms but you find that more people search for the data-based keyword or it has higher CTR or click prices. In those cases that keyword will undoubtedly make you more coin. But what if the keyword suggested by your research is the wrong keyword for your business? In other words, it’s profitable, gets a lot of traffic and click-throughs, but it just doesn’t fit your business? In that case, go with the keyword on your list. It’s your business and you know it better than Google.

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