May 19th, 2011 / Search Engine Optimisation

Why Local Search Is More Important Than Ever

A recent study shows us that local search, already important, is growing ever more important day by day. It is predicted that, by 2015, local search ad revenue will be at $8.23 billion. Local online and interactive advertising spend will reach $16 billion. The percentage of search that will involve “local” intent will be at 30%. Currently, that figure is 20%.

What’s all this really mean? For Scotland businesses, it means that local is growing stronger and if you haven’t started looking at local advertising online, then now is the time to start.

Keep in mind that 80% of web traffic comes from search engines – that’s organic search results. So, while local online advertising might be important, local search engine optimization is even more so. And it will be even more so five years from now.

Even more powerful is the organic search-paid search combination model. Businesses who have used this approach in the past have been tremendously more effective online than businesses that use strictly paid search or strictly organic search. There’s no reason that won’t change for local search. In fact, it is just as true for local search as it is for global.

I you haven’t started marketing online for your local Scotland business, now is the time. Don’t wait another day. The train is leaving the depot.

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