July 21st, 2012 / Search Engine Optimisation

Can You ‘Locally Optimize’ For Scotland?

There may be a little confusion about the difference between local optimisation and geotargeting. While it is possible to geotarget your website’s content specifically to Scotland, I would not call that local search engine optimisation.

Geotargeting can take place across any size geographical area or region. You can geotarget your website specifically to Scotland or to individual cities and communities within Scotland – for instance, Ayrshire. You can even broaden your geotargeted content to cover an area such as the UK, or Great Britain. But local optimization is something that specifically refers to targeted content that is aimed at a specific local community. That community can be a city or regional area such as Ayrshire or a smaller community within the larger metropolitan area or region.

For instance, if you own a business that strictly serves the community of Glentrool, then you can locally optimise your website to reflect that narrow geotargeted field. By the same token, if you serve the entire city of Glasgow, then you can engage in local search engine optimisation. Even serving all of Ayrshire could be considered local for the right business.

But if you serve an area larger and wider than Ayrshire, then you can geotarget your website content, but you might have to engage in several local SEO campaigns to reach each community you serve. There’s a slight nuance, but it’s important to understand it.

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