July 13th, 2012 / Search Engine Optimisation

Search As You Type Commerce

You have to hand it to Google on one thing. They are constantly trying to improve their product with innovations and useful upgrades. They’ve recently hit upon something that I think could become a real big hit among e-commerce sites. It’s called “Search As You Type.”

Right now, the program is in beta and is only open to AdWords advertisers. Here’s how it works.

You install Search As You Type on your website and users are able to search your site and find what they are looking for as they type. It’s based on Google’s Instant Search feature, which provides searchers on Google.com with suggestions as they type their search queries. The idea is to make search faster.

So, if your customers are looking for something specific on your website and they go to use your search box, if you have Search As You Type on your site, then users can find what they are looking for more quickly. You’ll sell more.

That’s the theory anyway. But will it work? You be judge. Check out this video.

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