June 13th, 2012 / Search Engine Optimisation

Is SEO Essential To Web Success

A customer said someone told him he shouldn’t worry about about the search engines. Just write your content and it all will work out in the wash. That’s the going theory.

I’ll have to disagree. Search engines are important. They’re a major source of traffic.

Saying don’t worry about the search engines is like saying don’t worry about food. Just open your mouth and all the nutrition you need will just fall right into it. Believe it?

Then don’t believe it about the search engines.

I will say that you don’t have to over-optimise your content. In fact, you shouldn’t over-optimise. You can, you know. It’s possible.

But the fact that people over-optimise their content should not be used as evidence that thinking about search engine optimisation isn’t necessary. It’s every bit as necessary as putting together a good meal.

Your website needs traffic. And the search engines will be the source of 60% to 80% of your traffic. Don’t you want that traffic to be targeted traffic? If so, then you have to think about the search engines. You have to think about what they want and why they want it. Then, provide the search engines with the type of content they need to ensure that your website is ranked well for the terms that people search for.

That’s what search engine optimisation is about. It’s necessary because you want traffic to your website, and because you want to eat well.


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