July 22nd, 2012 / Search Engine Optimisation

Why SEO Is A Constant

Sometimes are so constant they never change. SEO isn’t that constant, but if you are busy chasing search engine algorithms, then you don’t see it as constant enough.

A lot of search engine optimisers will tell you to change your tactics to conform to the way Google indexes and ranks websites after the Panda and Penguin updates. I say that’s malarkey. You don’t have to change anything.

In fact, if you do change your SEO practices as a result of Panda and Penguin, then you were probably doing it wrong before.

Here are 8 reasons why SEO is still the same today as it was two years ago and why it will still be the same two years from now:

  1. On-page content should be original, unique and valuable
  2. Inbound links are good, but it’s about quality, not quantity
  3. Keyword densities won’t help you
  4. Write your content for your human visitors first and the search engines second
  5. You should think about the search engines, but don’t put them first
  6. When link building, put your links on sites that will deliver targeted traffic
  7. You need a wide variety of links to succeed at link building
  8. Constant, steady content is best; update your pages often

Search engine optimisation hasn’t changed in years. Quit chasing the algorithms.

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