May 27th, 2012 / Social Media Marketing

Go Viral On Facebook

Facebook has become the world’s largest and most popular social network. And one cool feature about the service that is good for small businesses – even businesses located in Scotland – is a tool called Insights.

Facebook Insights will report to you four key metrics of your Facebook page:

  1. Reach
  2. Engaged Users
  3. People Talking About Your Brand
  4. and Virality

Reach measures the number of unique people who have seen your posts. The more people who see your posts the higher your Reach. Post often enough, but not too often, and increase the number of friends you have and your Reach will go up.

Engage Users is the number of unique people who have clicked on your posts. Make your posts interesting and informative, useful to your audience, and this metric will rise.

Talking About This measures the number of people who took action on your posts. This includes Likes, shares, comments, answers to poll questions, responses to events, etc.

Virality is the measure of how many unique people create posts from yours. In other words, the number of people talking about you divided by your Reach. Obviously, you want that number to be high.

Facebook Insights is a useful tool for businesses who have a Facebook page and want to measure its effectiveness. You should post at least once a week to your page, something useful and valuable to your audience. But you don’t want to post more than a couple of times a day. If you post too much you will lose your audience.

Each Facebook Insights metric measures results for one full week. Keep your engagement high and your Facebook friends will follow.

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