July 17th, 2012 / Social Media Marketing

Google+ Users Happier Than Facebook Users

Wired Magazine reports that social media users who spend time on Google+ are happier than those making use of Facebook. I knew it was just a matter of time.

Google+ rolled out last year and immediately became the fastest growing social media website in history. That got people talking about the potential of the social media site and many of them congratulated Google for finally getting it right. But by the end of the year some of critics of Google started calling it a “ghost town.”

The ghost town critics had observed that many initial users of the service weren’t posting. But they missed the fact that Google+ loyalists were really loyal. And some people abandoned Facebook for Google+ altogether.

Now we’ve arrived at a place where we can actually measure whether or not people are happy with Google+. It seems they are. But Facebook users report not liking the Facebook despite using it daily. In fact, Facebook is the most trafficked social media website online. So why is that Google+, with a low user base, has a mostly happy user base while Facebook, nearly ubiquitous, has a more unhappy user base?

That’s a good question and there’s really no easy answer. But many people still using Facebook report that they do so because their friends and family are there. So Facebook users hang on due to peer pressure?

Whether you use Facebook or Google+, or both, is your business. But as a business tool, which ever service you do use, make the most of it.

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