July 20th, 2012 / Social Media Marketing

More Accurate Facebook Insights?

Two recent changes to the way Facebook Insights measures Reach has me wondering just how accurate it’s been in measuring Reach in the past. From the looks of things, not very accurate.

First, Facebook is going to start measuring Reach by the number of people who scroll down on your Facebook page and actually load a news item. This is a big departure from the way its been done. And Facebook gives no context for why this change was necessary or how the measurement of Reach was done in the past.

The second change is that Facebook will now include mobile views in its Insights measurements of Reach. That’s pretty startling. Why haven’t they been including mobile views until now?

These changes mean at least one thing: Historical data within Insights is useless. If you’ve been relying on your Reach numbers until now, then when you go back and compare your Reach one month from now with your Reach from last month, there will be no basis for comparison. None. How will you be able to determine whether your Reach has improved or declined? There will be no way.

The first change will likely cause your Reach numbers to go down. The second will likely cause them to go up. But you’ll be at a loss if you can get any meaning from that. Sometimes social media just sucks.

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