July 7th, 2012 / Social Media Marketing

Twitter And Social Search

Twitter recently announced that they’ve upgraded their search feature. Now, you can search people you know and enjoy Twitter’s autocomplete search feature.

Of course, Google and Bing have both had an autocomplete search feature for some time now. Many users like it, but some don’t. Some that do like this feature don’t want it to run every time they search for something. Will they feel the same way about Twitter’s autocomplete?

There has been a big time battle for social search for at least three years now. Last year Google introduced Google+. Not long before that Facebook and Bing announced a partnership for their mutual benefit.

It is speculated that a part of the reason Google rolled out Google+ so soon was because Twitter pulled out of a partnership that cost Google a great deal of cred in realtime search.

What does all this spell? The race is on for dominance in social search.

Google has an advantage with millions of pages naturally indexed in its search engine. However, Facebook has another kind of advantage, one that swallows Google whole. It’s the social knowledge component on its end users. Facebook has more information about what its users like than Google does.

The verdict is still out on who will win the social search engine war, but you can bet it will be waged for a long time before it is over.

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